Friday, October 29, 2010

The Saga of the Soul and Body

I've attended a lecture on Multiple Intelligences and I came to learn that I am a Visual person and an Existential person. Visual in the sense that I have to see things before I can fully grasp its meaning. Before I learn a thing or two, I have to have some sort of imagined concept, trying to visualize them so that they could retain in my brain.

Also, I came to learn that I am an existential person where I have a lot of questions about the my existence here in this life, what is its meaning and how am I suppose to know what is the truth about all of the theories that scientist and religion have to offer about this life.

I don't really know but I have this fancy about life. When I was yet a little child, I am thinking that I am alone and that I am enclosed inside this body, as if looking through the window of my eyes. I don't know where that thought came but I thought that I am the only one feeling this. I have shared it with some of my friends but to no avail, we can never explain and eventually, forget about it as growing up in this world is tough and you have to tough to survive. I still have questions, a lot of questions, some are being answered now that information is at hand through Internet, but like what other people said, there is no answer to all of the questions if are looking for them in the outside world. You have to look deeper within yourself because there, inside you, is the part of God that will help you know who you are. You don't really need to look far, look inside and you will see that truth shall set you free.

Because of this, I will have to look for it,  but I don't really know how... hope that someone can help me figure things out...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wild about BSF PC Specialist

The ICT  Department of  Bataan School of Fisheries now has its own  social network group web site.  Thank God was there to host networking sites for free. The site is good for students taking up computer classes in BSF, whether college or high school. Alumni are also welcome to join the network. This, I think, will benefit the students because lessons that they missed out will be posted in the forums section here and they can also post comments and questions if things are not yet clear to them. Hopefully, this will be a successful site for the ICT department of the BSF.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

wild about reading

I have been reading and writing a lot lately and was all too busy doing them. I am very fond of seeing through another person 's eyes through their shared stories. I am specially magnetized by history books, those dealing with ancients and past. I am mystified to the very extent of dreaming some of them in my sleep, yet, it was all story. I am reading because I want to learn many things, unwrapped many hidden stones and see how things were in the writer's thoughts. I just wish that someday I could write as good as they do.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So Many Things

I am about to see my creator in a few days and yet i still want to do so many things, a lot of them unknown to many of my friends. I still have a lot of dreams to pursue, but how am i suppose to do all of that?

How i wish i was a rich man so that i can do many things at once in a snap of a finger! I wish i could still play around with my kid, stay with him for a while and talk about stories when i was still a child. I would tell him my adventures and my dismay so that he'll learn all of them and one day, upon his age, he will seek adventures of his own. I want to tell him how joyful i was when he came to this world and made everyone happy and sad at times. I want to tell him how much i have loved him and yet i got no time to spare with him while i was still strong and making a lot of money. I want to buy him the world that he would wanted when he is of age. I want...but i guess i wont make any of my wish. I am too tired and weak, got no more than a pair of eyes to roll and see the room i was imprisoned for the past 4 years, I don't know what have come of me i wish i never wasted such time...

With my face now seeing the light from above, i have no more objections but a lot of regrets to what i have done in this world. I don't want to be remembered this way by my only son, i want him to know the real me who have loved him so much. but this will be the end of my destiny and soon, i will be judge by what i have done and have not done on earth...................

Thursday, November 02, 2006

wild about seminars

Recently, i have been thinking, why should we teachers have a lot of new seminars when the actual thing is that it is just a reformed curriculum in the past. Here in the Philippines, when you say seminar, it means that a new task is being given to teachers. How sad our life is. We are doing lesson planning everyday, thinks for short evaluation everyday, designs long examinations, check them later on, computes grades, design classroom interiors, creates intervention materials, and alot more. What happens to our private life? God, does this government doesn't know how difficult it is to think for a high level question that students simply could not answer? And that when these students failed, it was also a teacher's failure? How cruel....students nowadays never minds assignments, projects, exams, quizzes etc... They never mind whether they pass or fail. If they pass, then good for them but if they fail, take it all over again. They never really mind.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

wild about halloween

It was the time of the year where everyone is saying a little prayer for those who have parted with us. We consider them saints and upthere in the heavens visiting the mansions built for them. But this is not only for them, it is for all who have died and have their souls departed from their flesh. They who have been in this world and not yet recognized how sad their fate was. We should say a little prayer for them too.

In more than 30 years of life here on earth, i now consider belief to be the only thing that makes the world go round. those who really believes in something find their refuge on that something. They also find evidences that makes them believe more. Those who wanted to be rich needs to believe in themselves that they are rich else they'll not make it. Those who believe find what they are searching for. As quoted, "if you have belief the size of a mustard seed, this mountain will be moved into the sea."

Friday, October 27, 2006

wild about art

I've been looking through the galleries in the museum and found almost all forms of art, in paint, watercolors, sculpture, and abstract forms. God, almost everything is called art, even junkies. I don't know why they call it art when all you can see are bunches of garbage. But there isone thing that made me really take a look the second time around and its not on the museums, it is on the net. You'll find a lot of other artist in their own developed mediums. I like, in particular the works of Scott Wade in his dirty car art. He published his art through the rear window of his car full of dust. Look at albert einstein's portrait. Isn't it a wonder? Einstein in your backseat??? For those of you who wanted to see more, visit
  • car dust art
  • and enjoy his galleries of car dust paintings.